A few facts about Derma E Natural Skincare

Derma E Natural Skincareis one of the most award winning natural skin care lines on the market today.  Their product range is all encompassing, from anti-aging to skin lightening to acne fighting.  Just last weekend all of their products became FDA approved, which separates them from much of their competition. Here's some facts you may not know:

Essential Derma E Facts

  • Full line of topical skincare products that are formulated for results
  • Specializes in antioxidants and skin treatments
  • Award-winning productsDerma E Natural Bodycare
  • Over 25 years experience in natural skincare
  • Family Owned/Operated (just like us!)
  • All products are paraben-free and all but 2 products are Gluten Free (the only two that contain Gluten are "Melon and Ginger Hand and Body Moisture Therapy" and "Stop Itch")
  • The entire bodycare line is 100% vegetarian and vegan.
  • Has been voted "Top Natural Skincare" line by Whole Foods Magazine over 4 times!

Derma E Does...

  • Include only the finest natural ingredients available
  • Use ingredients with scientifically proven effectiveness
  • Use a safe, gentle, paraben-free preservative system.
  • Formulate pH balanced products that optimize skin health
  • Provide full disclosure on all product labels
  • Have a 100% satisfaction gurantee

Derma E Does Not...

  • Use pore-clogging ingredients such as petrolatum, mineral oil or lanolin
  • Make unsupported claims about product effectiveness
  • Withhold any information on ingredient lists
  • Use token amounts of ingredients
  • Use animal testing

Derma E's commitment to the Environment:

  • Uses non-GMO ingredients
  • Includes organic ingredients whenever possible
  • Supports green business practices
  • Uses 100% recyclable packaging
  • Supports animal welfare and land conservation programs
  • Donates to the military and a percentage of all sales to The Paraguay Project
  • Manufactures with 100% Wind Energy

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