5 Ways to Prep for Prom


Your prom night is going to be the most memorable evening of your life - that is, until you get married, of course! The last thing you want to do is get ready for prom at the last minute. Follow these five tipsfor prepping well ahead of time so that all you have to focus on during your prom is looking gorgeous and having fun.

1. Say yes to the dress!

Pick out your dress at least six weeks before prom. You don’t necessarily have to buy it at this time, but make sure you know what you’re buying, that they have it in your size and that you can actually afford it. Then, when you’re about four weeks away from prom, purchase the dress and arrange any alterations, if necessary. Remember to maintain your weight between now and prom - otherwise, your dress won't fit the way it did when you bought it and you'll need a last-minute alteration. If you need help finding the dress that suites you best take this quiz by Seventeen.

2. Care about your Hair"The Hills" At PaleyFest09

Wait until you have your dress to decide what hairstyle you want for prom. The neckline of your dress will play a large role in whether you want your hair up, down or half and half. You may also want to have your jewelry picked out when choosing a hairdo, too.   Some hairstyles can help to show off gorgeous earrings or an interesting necklace.

3. Be the Early Bird



Book everything early, at least four weeks ahead of time. From the restaurant where you and your pals are going after the prom to the salon that’s going to apply your makeup and nail polish, make reservations as soon as you can. Local businesses are going to be packed as prom nears - if you wait too long, you may not be able to reserve a spot at all.

4. Set the Plans in Stone

A couple of weeks before prom, get together with your friends to cement plans. Where are you all meeting to get into the limo? Who’s going as whose date? Who’s riding in the limo and who’s getting a separate ride? Where does everyone want to hang out after the prom? Coordinate early and then check up with each other in case plans change.

5. Be Ready for Anything

Pack an “Emergency Kit” for the prom. Include cash or a credit card; breath mints or gum; deodorant; touch-up makeup; your cell phone charger; and clear nail polish in case you rip your pantyhose. You can stash everything in a bag and keep it in the limo, but just make sure you have it somewhat nearby during prom night.  

What are you doing to prep for Prom?

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