3 Beauty Products That are a Must-Have at the Beach This Summer

Ah, summer. That perfect time of year for crystal blue waves, sand, and...sunburn? Going to the beach is a summer pastime for many Americans. If you’re one of those “beach bums” who loves to spend your summer days in the sand, you probably know many amazing things about the beach (and also many not-so-great things). Since you keep going back day after day and year after year, the good must outweigh the bad. But one thing is sure; everyone wants to look their best when at the shore (and avoid sunburn at all costs). Image Beauty sells wholesale beauty products that can do just that. So get your hair ready with our Milkshake hair products, and take a look at the three beauty products that are a must have at the beach this summer:


  1. Tan Towels - Tan Towels are a perfect item whether you’re spending a day or a week at the shore. These full body towelettes will provide you with a quick and even tan without any streaking, fuss, or mess. Color will begin to develop within 2-4 hours and continues to develop for 24 hours. They are easy to travel with, as there’s no mess and they dry in seconds. Use these towels to bronze your skin before the sun even touches you.
  2. Sunscreen - No one is going to object to sunscreen. Not only does it protect you from sunburn and keep you from becoming the biggest lobster on the beach, but it also protects you from more dangerous complications, such as skin cancer. Image Beauty offers many types of sunscreen, from Australian Gold to Banana Boat.
  3. Summer Nail Polish - Although it’s not as noticeable as a beautiful tan, nail polish is just as crucial to looking nice while laying in the sand. Paint your nails anything from ocean wave blue to a pretty peach color to not only impress your neighboring beachgoers, but to also impress that cute lifeguard smiling and waving at you. Image Beauty offers many different brands such as Essie, Creative Nail, and more.

Those are three items that you need for your summer beach trip. All you have to do is worry about having fun and enjoying the sun. To learn more about these summer beauty products, contact Image Beauty at 856-335-0415. 



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