2012's Most Surprising Celebrity Hair Transformations

As we enter a new year, it is natural to ponder what  will change in the upcoming 12  months. Perhaps you are making resolutions about learning a new language or kicking a bad habit. Or perhaps you are thinking considering different ways to change your personal style. As we look ahead, it seemed only natural that we should look back and countdown the past year's most dramatic celebrity hair transformations. 7) Katy Perry - This natural blond is not afraid to experiment with color, and the past year has been no different. She has sported blond, black, pink and purple hair. Perhaps the boldest dye move was when she inked her tresses jet blue - perhaps the most surprising thing about this look is how much we liked it!        6) January Jones - Whether she was playing Stifler's love interest in the third American Pie or an icy wife on Mad Men, the starlet has always been blond. However, 2012 has been quite the year for the new mom as she took the leap to red hair, only to darken her look to a rich chocolate.



5) Rihanna -  The trendsetting R&B singer has become infamous for keeping us on our toes as she effortlessly shifts from one hairstyle to the next, this year proving to be no exception. While she certainly gave us many different looks to choose from, our pick for her most surprising turn was when she sported long blond curls with bangs, making her nearly unrecognizable.


4) Lady Gaga - Lady Gaga is the undisputed queen of weird. Whether she is wearing a dress made from meat or Kermit the Frog dolls, we have come to expect nothing less than strangeness from this pop star. So when she dyed her hair an ordinary shade of brown, perhaps it was the most shocking move of all.


3) Dakota Fanning - When we first met Dakota Fanning, she was playing the blond little girl of Sean Penn's character in 2001's I Am Sam. Since then, she has sprouted from the tiny eight-year-old into a grown college student. Throughout the years though, she has maintained her wispy blond tresses . . . until 2012, the year she went brown and changed what was arguably her trademark.


2) Anne Hathaway. She seduced us all in her sensuous turn as Selena Kyle in the last installment of Batman, and then broke our hearts in Les Miserables. One of the most dramatic scenes is undoubtedly when her hair is sheared as she sings of lost dreams. Outside of the movies, Ms. Hathaway has turned her cut locks into quite the stylish pixie.


1) Miley Cyrus. Most of you probably saw this one coming a mile away, as the transformation was analyzed on talk shows, on the radio and all across the social media world. In 2011, the former-Disney star had long brown hair; come 2012, she bleached her locks and then proceeded to chop them off in a move that no one anticipate and many disliked (with the exception of Charlie Sheen). Luckily, shelikes her hair, and that's whose opinion ultimately counts!



Tell us whose transformation was an improvement and who was better off not touching their locks! To play with your own look, visit Image Beauty for hair products that will keep your style flawless and your stands healthy.

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