10 Easy Nail Art Ideas That Will Make Your Friends Believe You Have Talent

You’re having girl-talk with Stacy, your bestie, as you both sip coffee at the local café in town. As she gives you tips on how to handle the last fight you had with your boyfriend, you suddenly notice her dazzling nails. You can’t help but compliment them.

“Stacy! Your nails look ah-mazing! Which salon did you go to?”

Stacy throws her head back and laughs. “Salon? I didn’t go to a salon! I did these myself!”

“You did them by yourself? Wow, they look great!”

As the conversation gets back on track, you think about how you wish you could do your own artsy nails like that. But, you have no sense of grace when it comes to painting, as you discovered early on during art classes in middle school. Wait. Who says you have to be Picasso to have beautiful nails? With these easy tips and tricks for creating nail art, you’ll have gorgeous, trendy nails that look like it took hours to paint!


  • Go over line mistakes with a glitter pen from the crafts store. The glitter will hide the uneven lines between the two (or three!) colors.


  • Use scotch tape as stencils. Cut up the scotch tape in shapes like long rectangles or triangles. Place them over the polish to paint segments and lines. When the polish dries, gently peel them off.


  • Everybody loves cute little hearts! To paint a heart, take a toothpick and make two dots of equal size. Connect the dots to a point below them and voila! You’ve got a heart. This is perfect for making an accent nail.


  • Do you have a fan brush you aren’t using? If so, you can use it to create really cool textured nail designs. Dip the brush in a bit of polish and drag it across the nail horizontally. Put on as many colors as you like!


  • If you don’t mind being messy, you can try splattered nails! Paint a base coat and then splatter a different shade over it using a slanted brush. Clean up the mess by wiping the excess away with nail polish remover.


Make your friends jealous with these simple and easy nail art tricks! No one has to know how you did it – it will be our secret! Want to get in on another secret of ours? We at Image Beauty just added the new line of nail shades by OPI to our inventory at reduced pricing! The new nail collection is called “Washington DC” and showcases fifteen lovely colors for the fall and winter season. The collection was created in collaboration with actress Kerry Washington and puts a playful spin on American pride, politics, and Kerry Washington’s lifestyle! Check out our nail care selection to acquire unique nail shades such as “CIA = Color Is Awesome”, “Squeaker of the House”, and “We the Female”! 


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